Choose the Right Emergency Lighting For Your Oregon Business

Does your office, hospital or other commercial building need proper emergency lighting?

C & S Fire-Safe Services, LLC is committed to all issues related to the fire safety of local businesses, employees and property. We can help you pass inspection and avoid any major emergency.

Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting | Portland,OR, Medford,OR, Coos Bay, OR & Roseburg, OR | C&S Fire-Safe Services

Signs & Installation

C & S Fire-Safe Services, LLC provides emergency lighting signs and offers easy installation. The signs will the right type for your municipality and will be placed in the areas you need and be set to fully operate. We service all brands.

Your exits must be marked, but what else is required?

We ensure you pass the 90 minute test! One of the most important things checked during an official annual inspection is the ability of your exit signs to remain lit for 90 minutes after cutting off the main power supply. If the power goes out during an emergency, it is critical for your signs to remain lit.

C & S Fire-Safe Services, LLC technicians are specially trained to help you pass this test. If any existing lights or parts do not operate correctly, we will be happy to provide new parts and install them promptly.

Satisfying Other Requirements

Other actions our experts can do to prepare you for are:

  • Adjust the PC board float voltage to extend battery life
  • Check if your bulbs are energy efficient to help you save money
  • Clean battery terminals and leads

Ready the Emergency Lights

At C & S Fire-Safe Services, LLC, all of our technicians are licensed and certified so that we can provide you with the best emergency lighting service.

We have become one of the largest and most trusted companies in Oregon by ensuring businesses are compliant with:

  • OSHA
  • Insurance Company Guidelines
  • City and State Building Fire Codes

Why Choose Us For Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

We have five guiding principles that ensure superior service:

  • Protect client interests with reliable and consistent service.
  • Always inform clients about anything related to the fire safety of their employees, business and property.
  • Provide professional service and keep the highest industry standards of conduct.
  • Keep communication open and honest with clients.
  • Always finish the job correctly.

If you need exit sign installation, testing or repair, call us at  (541) 673-1337.

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