Avoid Water Damage With a Clean Agent System

Water-based systems like traditional sprinklers are excellent ways to put out a fire as fast as possible. But sometimes there are special items you want to protect from water damage. That’s where a clean agent fire suppression system becomes the ultimate way to keep special items safe from damage in your Oregon business.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System | Roseburg, OR Area | C&S Fire-Safe Services

How Does A Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Instead of water, the systems use a gaseous agent that puts out the fire and doesn’t linger. Attached to a suppression system, the agent is released when smoke is detected. The system itself is connected through all the rooms of your building.

Avoiding water damage isn’t the only benefit of these systems. They also:

  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Require no clean-up
  • Are completely safe for people & animals
  • Act quickly–in 10 seconds or less
  • Are extremely effective

Is it Right for Me?

You may experience big advantages from a clean agent system if your building contains:

  • Sensitive electrical equipment
  • Irreplaceable possessions
  • Expensive furniture/equipment
  • Carpeting
  • Important data
  • Other special hazards that are not water-friendly

Why Choose Us For Special Hazard and Clean Agent Systems?

  • Consistent and reliable service that protects your best interests.
  • Information on all issues regarding the fire safety of your business, employees and property.
  • Professionalism resulting from high industry standards of conduct.
  • Honest and open communication.
  • Proper completion of the job.

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