Ensure Your Building’s Fire Alarm System is Fully Prepared & Passes Inspection

The Importance of a Fire Alarm System and Fire Alarm Service

The state of Oregon requires a properly installed fire alarm system in an area of your building that is safe from tampering. We know the exact placement for the right installation and have the training to satisfy every OSHA, insurance company and city/state building fire code and guideline.

Call C & S Fire-Safe Services, LLC to help you install, repair or maintain your fire alarm system and ensure it is up to code.

Fire Alarm Systems | Roseburg, OR Area | C&S Fire-Safe Services

Fire Alarm Maintenance & Inspection

Our technicians are trained to help you pass your next fire alarm system testing through our thorough maintenance program in which we:

  • Test heat detectors using a heat gun
  • Clean smoke detectors with nitrogen
  • Check control panel
  • Verify signal to the fire department (if applicable)
  • Ensure optimal operation

Call The Experts

Service from C & S Fire-Safe Services, LLC is available 24/7. We’ve had the fire safety needs of Oregon for over 30 years and became one of the most trusted companies to provide fire safe security services due to our industry dedication and customer service.

Why Choose Us For Fire Alarm Systems?

  • Our service is reliable and consistent, protecting your best interests.
  • You will be informed of everything related to the fire safety of your employees, property and business.
  • Our technicians are very professional and display the highest industry standards of conduct.
  • We always communicate with not only you, but your business partners as well to achieve efficient service.
  • The job will always be thoroughly completed.

If you are looking for an expert maintenance job or inspection on fire alarm systems, call us at (541) 673-1337.

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