Meet The Team

Suppression Division

Travis Sheppard

Fire Suppression Technician, Roseburg Division

December 2006

Nick Mallory

Fire Suppression Technician, Roseburg Division

October 2010

Scott Potter

Fire Alarm Technician NICET LEVEL II

February 2012

Dallas Helbig

Fire Suppression Technician, Rogue Valley Division

April 2007

Gary Pickett

Fire Suppression Technician, Coast Division

May 2012

Tom Potter

Fire Sprinkler Technician

September 2013

Jason Valentino

Fire Sprinkler Technician

March 2018

Earl Penland

Fire Suppression Technician

April 2018

Tim Hurd

Fire Suppression Technician

July 2018

Rick Barry

Fire Suppression Technician

November 2018

Roseburg Office

Steve Potter

Owner, CECS

May 1977

Kaylynn Ramsey

Executive Assistant

November 2008

Jeana Zayas

Office Assistant

March 2015

Mark Laurance

Shop Manager, DOT Hydrotest Operator

November 1992

The company has certified, trained personnel stationed throughout Oregon, offering a variety of services: portable fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler system inspections, fire alarm inspection and testing, chemical fire systems, emergency lighting testing, kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Exhaust Division

Del Wren

Exhaust Division Manager, South Oregon Division, PECT Qualified

February 2008

Ryan Potter

Exhaust Technician

February 2018